- Conducting product promotions and exhibitions. Tri Coastal Sales and Marketing also offers the service of promotions through this web site to our clients.

Point of Sale Displays

- Set-up, stocking, management and optimisation of point of sale displays for products in the FMCG retail environment. Coupled with in-store promotion this provides dynamic exposure and opportunity creation.

Benefits of our Professional Marketing Services


Our sales representatives work according to a route list. This ensures that all customers are serviced on a regular basis and we are able to monitor and control all customers being serviced.

We ensure that the products are always presentable, correctly priced, clean and well merchandised. All point of sale material (if applicable) is correctly utilised. Second point (cross merchandising) of sale areas, etc are negotiated where possible to increase brand awareness and increase sales.

Daily sales are recorded in order that a history of stock levels and ordering quantities can be established. Weekly sales meetings are held with the sales representatives to gain feedback from them and to pass on relevant information about new products etc.

We are in a position to provide our Principals with a comprehensive monthly report detailing sales achievements, problem areas, competitor activity etc. All employees have mobile phones and are therefore contactable throughout the day. Messages can be left or sent to the Durban office or directly to the sales representatives. Feedback and reporting is also supplied through email and future mechanisms to be implemented in this website.