OMG's are delicious tortilla chips baked in flavour, with reduced fat and high in fibre that will leave you saying "OMG!"

4 Flavours :
Smoked Red Pepper
Mild Cheddar

*High in Dietary Fibre, *Non-GMO Corn, *Trans-Fat Free *Gluten Free,
*MSG Free, *Artificial Sweetener Free, *30% Less Fat, *Gluten Free

OMGs! Serve up an interesting new tastebuds experience. We get this right, by baking the spices and flavours into the chip rather than sprinkling flavourants on afterwards like the other chips out there! Now as you crunch away, more and more subtle toasted flavours are released, slowly intensifying until you may just find yourself (perhaps even secretively) proclaiming: Oh My Goodnes!....and you’d be right.